ORTHO 2 Initiation of Orthopedic Orthodontic Treatment with Clayton A. Chan, DDS

Initiation of Orthopedic/Orthodontic Treatment

(Ortho 2 Seminar and Hands On Training with Clayton A. Chan, DDS is in given in conjunction with Ortho 1 course).

Course Description: “Orthodontics Level 2”

Prerequisite Course: General Dentist - OC Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 and Ortho 1
Orthodontic Specialist - OC Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and Ortho 1
  • For doctors with NM background and Level 1 Occlusion knowledge and beyond.
  • Designed for doctors who have NM restorative knowledge, but desire a more complete working knowledge in orthodontic protocols.
  • For dentists who may have had some training in ortho, but require further insights into implementing the clinical steps of the ortho case. 
  • For clinicians who have been working with their orthodontic specialist and want to learn more.
AGD Subject Code: 370 Orthodontics

"Treatment Goals, Comprehensive Diagnosis/Treatment Planning, Arch Development and Mechanics Selection”

The focus of this second level course is for graduates of OC Ortho I curriculum with previous orthodontic experience to further their understanding and clinical skills in diagnosis, treatment planning and effective management of the neuromuscular orthodontic/orthopedic case.  Distinguishing the simple tooth movement case from the moderate arch development case will be emphasized.  Recognizing the complex cases for an informed referral will be encouraged.

This course is designed to mentor and assist the participants by encouraging them along their journey of orthodontic and orthopedic treatment with their patients.

  Course Objectives:
  • How to correctly place the arch of brackets for effective fixed therapy and mechanics.
  • Bracket placement and positioning to properly align, tip and torque using fixed appliance therapy.
  • How to recognize the indications and contraindications of arch wires systems.
  • How to select arch wires, arch forms and choosing the arch wire for the indicted tasks as it relates to leveling and aligning.
  • How to level and align using low force for patient comfort.
  • How to identify the landmarks, trace and apply the diagnostic principles of cephalometric measurements.
  • What is the function of the removable (functional) and fixed (banded and bonded) appliances to address the Class II, Class III and deep bite and open bite cases using AP, vertical and transverse correctors.
  • How to start a patient.
  • Steps toward initiation of orthodontic treatment as they relate to the Class I crowding, cases in orthosis, Class II crowding, and adjunctive treatments and referrals.
  • Learn to know when is leveling an aligning complete.
  • Why is detailing important in straight wire appliance therapy.
  • Orthodontics start to finish 
 You Will Learn:
  • How to identify the landmarks, trace and apply the diagnostic principles of cephalometric measurements.
  • What is the function of the removable (functional) and fixed (banded and bonded) appliances to address the Class II, Class III and deep bite and open bite cases using AP, vertical and transverse correctors.
  • How to correctly place the arch of brackets for effective fixed therapy and mechanics.
  • How to recognize the indications and contraindications for arch wires and systems.
  • How to select the arch forms to treat within the neutral zone.
  • How to choose the wires for the indicated task.
  • The difference between wire progression and choosing the wire as needed.
  • How to level and align using low force for patient comfort.
  • Learn to know when is leveling and aligning is complete.
  • How to reposition brackets.
  • Why detailing is important in straight wire appliance therapy.
  • How to start a patient.
  • How to properly place brackets on your Class I and Class II crowded patient.
  • How to use the Nola.
  • How to directly and indirectly place brackets.
  • Orthodontics start to finish.
  • Integration of an Orthosis into orthodontics
Self assessment examination will be give for each level of learning.


CLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S. Founder/Director of OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS The Center for Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Orthopedic Advancement


Dr. Chan’s GNM teachings have afforded dentist from around the world to implement clinical occlusal techniques that have achieved outstanding results in “real world” dental practices. His leadership and pioneering role in both “gneuromuscular” (GNM) and neuromuscular (NM) occlusion has been recognized, by his peers, for his ability to deliver outstanding care to his patients as well as present the most advanced principles dentistry and the treatment of TMD patients. When taking OC’s Masterclass training, you can be assured you are taught the most up to date and clinically relevant techniques, based on sound science, substantiated protocols. Dr. Chan shows and demonstrates live proven clinical techniques that you will learn, be inspired, become skilled, successful, profitable and confident in integrating the GNM concepts into your dental practice. More About Dr. Chan

TESTIMONIALS: What other colleagues have said about OC Ortho 2:

"Perfect consolidation, clarification, and information for implementation of Ortho 1 course.  Gives me the confidence to go out ad treat right away." - Nicholas S. Baumann, Palm Springs, CA


"Amazing!" - Gregg R. Melfi, D.D.S., Swansea, MA


"Just returned from taking Ortho 1 & 2 and I'll tell you I feel very confident that I can do quality orthodontic cases.  Before coming out to the courses I felt intimidated to even begin this branch of dentistry.  I had a little bit of ortho in dental school and did 1 case, but I am really new to all of this.  Clayton made the courses easy to understand and I now feel extremely confident that I can do this.  It is a lot easier than I thought.  I thank God that I went for it and now have another way to do phase 2.  I can think of a lot of previous cases that could have greatly benefited if I would have known ortho a long time ago.  Thank you Clayton and Jane for a great week." - Shane A. Nelson, D.D.S., Overland Park, Kansas  

"....I have to I say of all the ortho courses I have taken over the last 5 years these two are tops. So organized and logical in the approach to solving your occlusal puzzle. The group asked great questions that led to very insightful exchanges. Clayton definitely knows how to keep the main thing the main thing. Thanks to all for a great 4 days.  PS had 2 ortho patients in on Monday and made some constructive changes in plan that will definitely speed up results."
- David J Martin DDS MAGD, Totowa, New Jersey

"Thank you, Dr. Chan for teaching this course. It has taken the mistique and intimidation out of treating TMD patients orthodontically. Prior to this course, I kind of understood the concept in a general way but you were able to clearly explain the process and all the little details required for me to confidently proceed in this direction. For anyone who does orthodontics, I highly recommend this course. Combining GNM principles with orthodontic mechanics is truly a great service to our patients." 
- Dr. Susan Yang G. Go, D.M.D., M.Sc - Delta, British Columbia, Canada 

"Dr. Chan has really helped me to see how when you have a real direction, provided by an optimized bite and stabilized with an orthosis, how simple the orthodontic process can be. Even if you don't want to do the orthodontics, understanding the process by taking this course will be most beneficial to your patients. (But after this course, you will definitely feel confident to start treating some simpler cases).  Thanks again, Dr. Chan for showing me how to keep it simple and effective."
- Dr. Elisa Mello, D.D.S. - New York, New York


"Just wanted to drop a word and thank Dr. Chan and Jane for putting up another very informative and "pearl full" course together. We spent two days covering over a number of seemingly very complex cases. Clayton has a magical way of making everything look so simple and doable. It was also wonderful to meet many like minded colleagues with different levels of skills in ortho, and I was able to gain from each and every one of them. Hope everyone had a good trip back.  It was also nice to put a face with some familiar names on the forum and finally meet them in person.  Looking forward to our next course."
- Dr. Hamid Nassery, DMD, FICOI - Miami Beach, Florida

"There is nothing mysterious about Ortho 2, just fact and common sense. Bending wires and using functional appliances in dental school 25 years ago was not my idea of fun especially not knowing the END POINT. I was intimidated seeing my clients come into the office with a mouth full of hardware, springs, elastics and acrylic staring up at me and wondering what is all this doing to the teeth, surrounding bones and more importantly the functional relationship between the condyles, muscles and articular discs.  Knowing in advance of what you are trying to achieve and understanding the principles and techniques in getting there is a definite "take away" from this course. This course summons and enhances the knowledge obtained in all previous OC level courses and places it into the realm of orthopedics. Yes you can stay on "trajectory"in the midst of bands, elastics and acrylic....The spirit and passion to teach, learn and inspire can be seen in the eyes of all."
- Joseph Andary, D.D.S., Oakville, Ontario Canada 

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